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BREAKING: Officer Craig Walking the LES, EVill Beat

Just after the sun broke across the shores of the Big Apple this morning, a lone man on a mission tapped out the following warning:

You might recall that when I wander around NYC neighborhoods, I like to drop in on apartment broker agnecies who post on our site. I'm not checking in on them, just being curious, and indulging my sense of humor a little. My visit first creates a combination of disbelief and panic. I don't really say "Sure is a nice place you have here, sure be a shame if...", which is to say I manage to control my sense of humor, but it's tempting. I've already visited several agencies, and now I'm leaving for the East Village and Lower East Side. Need coffee.Memorize that face, o crazies of Craigslist. The customer service rep is on the prowl.
· "visiting" apartment brokers in NYC [Craigblog]