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Make My Block FreshDirect Friendly, Dean!

New York magazine's latest tally of The Influentials drops today, and features six big movers-and-shakers in the real estate category?three that actually deal in the stuff directly (Sunshine, Ross, Trump), and three that affect things other ways?not to mention 11 other peeps about town who get nabe-specific honorable mentions. Besides the guys from PropertyShark (Matthew Haines and Ryan Slack), the CEO of that great big grocer on the net, Dean Furbush of FreshDirect, gets a nod for being able to "make or break a fringe neighborhood."

In honor of that power, we call on all devoted readers shivering along the fringes to submit (in the comments below) areas of the city not yet blessed with the awe-inspiring presence of those blessed delivery trucks. Or even better, let us know of those split zip codes, where the FD website lets you in with the first five digits but then rejects you when it finds out where you actually live.
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