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Gas Station Mania Update: 54 and Dropping

From the land of beltways and slugging comes this punchy dispatch on that truly rare breed, the Manhattan gas station. Sure, we've pulled up to this pump recently, but the Washington Post knows you like your windshield cleaned with a few extra facts once in a while:

In the past few months, at least four stations have been shuttered. That means there are no more than 54 stations left to service the estimated 830,000 cars, delivery trucks and various other gas-consuming vehicles [in Manhattan].
Add to the list of the dying "the All Star Service Station"?no address given, but it's near the High Line?where the station manager said there wouldn't be a new lease. Of course, this trend is one instance when gas-haters can be market purists. Sez Paul White of Transportation Alternatives:
The disappearance of gas stations shows that the market is right, that the real estate is valuable and it should be put to better use. We don't need to protect a gas station like an endangered species.
Alas, what would Robert Moses say if he heard such blasphemy?
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