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Stars of Brooklyn Unite Against Ratner, for Wedding Bells?

We receive press releases from Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn about the evils of the Atlantic Yards project nearly every day. And even though valid point after valid point gets made, our reaction is always the same: If it ain't coming out of the mouth of someone we see on the pages of Star, then we ain't listenin'!

Finally, this scrappy organization is taking our advice, forming an advisory board of prominent Brooklynites to lend support to the anti-AY cause. How prominent? Rosie Perez, Steve Buscemi, Jonathan Lethem, Jhumpa Lahiri and the First Couple of Brooklyn?Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams?are all on-board. Here's what Williams had to say in the release:

To my mind Ratner's plan does not respect what is unique, inherent and crucial to Brooklyn's landscape and history. The ‘Atlantic Yards' proposal is completely out of character with the existing scale and mocks Brooklyn's beautiful diverse cultures. His vision will increase traffic, pollution and asthma. My husband Heath and I moved to Brooklyn for light and space and air. If Mr. Ratner lived here he would understand what we love about it and why we want to preserve our open skies.OMG they got married? We thought they were just engaged! Did a press release on Brooklyn real estate development just break celeb gossip news?
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