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It Happened One Weekend: New Jersey Starchitecture

1) Living in a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-designed building (right) isn't as out-of-reach as you think. In fact, living in one is so attainable, that even a guy with handlebar sideburns, a cheap blazer and a Spam T-shirt can pull it off. Then again, it is Newark... [Habitats/Fred A. Bernstein]
2) Should it come as a surprise that this presumably unintentionally-hilarious story on the field of "real estate coaching" has roughly 10,000 more sports metaphors than we care to read within one newspaper article? Probably not. [Top Brokers Hire Coaches to Climb Higher/Nadine Brozan]
3) Fallout from the Shopsin's-to-Carroll-Gardens false rumor freak-out: Greenwich Village blogger consumes grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate milkshake, white-chocolate-macadamia-nut pancakes and Orange Julius in one weekend. [On the Menu, Rumors Greatly Exaggerated/Kayleen Schaeffer]
4) BREAKING: People who post housing ads on Craigslist are picky and occasionally weird. [The Nitpicking Nation/Stephanie Rosenbloom]
5) It's that time of year, when graduates move to New York and get their first taste of the New York City rental market. Watch as their dreams get dashed! Recoil with horror as relationships and friendships fall apart! Scoff as they call on mommy and daddy for monetary support! Share their pain when they learn to hate brokers as much as you do! [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]
6) One we missed from the Post on Thursday: More on those Midtown West skyscrapers going up, including the Atelier, known to Curbed readers for its deadly volleyball and basketball courts. [NYP]