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Waterborne News Roundup: Blaine, Yachts

Speaking of water, the overnight hours here in the city witnessed two tests of endurance involving that live-and-die-by-it liquid.

First, there was "illusionist" David Blaine, whose massive support team and spectacle-making machinery took over Lincoln Center this past week, in order to provide an underwater climax that proved, well, he wasn't going to whip out any illusions to fool us into thinking he'd actually break the world record for breath-holding. (He made it 7'08" instead.) Still, if a guy wants to turn himself into a prune, who are we to stop him?
· David Blaine's Bubble Bursts [E!]

Next, there was the early-morning arrival of big-masted yachts competing in the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race. The seven competing boats will be chilling in the newly dredged North Cove at Battery Park City until Thursday. (Drop us some pix from the marina if you have any; in the meantime, the above image will have to do.) But will talk of New York being a "pit stop" get people in the mood for a different kind of race over in Staten Island?
· ABN AMRO ONE Widens Volvo Ocean Race Lead [AP/NYT]
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[Photo via Flickr user Gregg M]