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Prospect Heights Bodega Gentrification: Fear the Tea

The frantic email came in last night: "hey, go to and you'll get an 'account suspended' message. what gives?? another ratner casualty?" In a panic, we hit up the Heights, thankfully finding that our Brooklyn go-to is still alive and well?sort of. Looks like they are having some techinical difficulties right now with the layout, but while investigating the scene, we came across something we overlooked on the site: a message board discussion on the gentrification of bodegas. What are the signs? Let's have poster "teddyballgame" explain:

Saba, the one right outside my apartment, on Underhill between Eastern Parkway and St. John's next to Sepia, is... umm... dare i say... showing signs of gentrification... About a month ago, they cleaned up the place a bunch, got a nice new counter, and got a grill. Then, last week, they started carrying Odwalla products and Honest Tea. Regardless, it's a pretty good bodega.Ah yes, $3 Vitamin C-enriched juices. Always a good sign of incoming wealth. And do scroll down from there, particularly for the heated comments on beer selection and the borderline racially offensive explanation of what is and isn't a bodega. Fun for the whole family!
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