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Tomorrow's Waterfront Property Today

Nothing like waking up to a new homegrown Google-Maps-hacked vision of the apocalypse, right? Thanks to the work of Alex Tingle at, you can scope out which areas of the city and environs would likely be submerged if this whole global sea-level rise thing turns out to be true and the water's five, six, seven meters higher than it used to be. We kicked it up a notch to "sea level rise: 9m" and came up with the fearful image you see above. Alphabet City, Greenpoint, Red Hook ... Long Island City, Jersey City ... parts of Hoboken, the Lower East Side and Tribeca: yup, they'd all be in for an extreme makeover if such a thing occurred. Of course, there's also a chance your 99-year land lease could be up before we start hearing any ads about the "new" waterfront.
· Flood Maps, 9m [ via Kottke]