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Curbed Roundtable: June State o' the Market Report

It's the first of the month, which means it's time for the monthly (see how that works?) Curbed Roundtable analyzing the state of the real estate market in this zany city we call home. When last we left our commenters last month, the debate had turned towards the relative merits of Queens. This month, let's let The Real Deal's new cover story set the tone:

The housing market is cooling in New York. It's also leveling off and going sideways. And ebbing. In fact, the market may be simmering, swooning, and trending downward as well. But it could simply be normalizing, too. It depends on whom you ask or read. Or overhear on the sidewalk.Click through for a solid package of stories that tend to the conclusion that prices are falling (or at least, have fallen)—but how far do we have to go? That's where you take over, folks.
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