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Williamsburg's Schaefer Landing: The Lights Are On

[Photo of Schaefer Landing courtesy of justiNYC on flickr.]

Many a night we have been on Kent Avenue and looked up breathlessly at the looming north tower of the Schaefer Landing luxury 26-story highrise south of the Williamsburg Bridge. We wait to see lights in the windows of the 135 new condos, and each time, we are crestfallen in the darkness. Turns out, we've been looking at it from the wrong side of the East River. A reader, who has seen lights from Manhattan, writes:

Each building has a grid of 20-30 lights, which change color and make rhythmic patterns. It's truly bizarre, as though they're trying to drape their lackluster architecture with lackluster public art. However, I've only seen it once, at night about two weeks ago, and I ride over the Manhattan bridge every night. I haven't heard anyone else mention it, and I'm beginning to think I imagined it.Photos of the Schaefer Landing Lights, anyone?
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