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East River Redevelopment Update: Birdcage Society

In a previous age, a previous era, we had an obsession of sorts with the Richard Rogers/SHoP plans for the new East Village waterfront in Downtown Manhattan. We danced 'neath the FDR; we lived the louche life of cafe society; we threaded the intestine. But never did we see this coming. From a Gutter correspondent dissecting New York's 2016 dreamscape of our city:

We noticed a fantastic little rendering from the incestuous clan over at SHoP, depicting the new East River waterfront, chinaman with bird cage and all. We just love cultural stereotypes. Where's the black guy with a boom box, the Puerto Rican with the flag-do-rag, the gay guy with a wifebeater and cutoff jean shorts? Doesn't anyone at SHoP know how to search Google Images?· In 2016, Racial Stereotypes Rule [The Gutter]
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