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Greenpoint Sub-Zero Building Update: Owner Likes 'Ugly-Ass' Renovation

Seems last week's item about the Sub-Zero Building in Greenpoint struck a nerve, among them that of the building's owner, who left a comment saying, "I like it, but then, I'm the owner & designer of this 'ugly-ass' renovation." Indeed. The stainless-steel home that wouldn’t look out of place in an Andrés Escobar-designed kitchen encouraged intense discussion about "vernacular buildings" and "working class communities." Not to mention more about the pros and cons of vinyl siding than Curbed has ever witnessed. One writes:

Someone does something that doesn't look like 80 year old petrified crap and mr. pissy pants blogger dumps all over it? poo on him. I want a house I can windex!"The last word, though, comes from the owner himself:I'm just a guy that wanted to do something a little different to a dilapidated old building on Green Street, that I hope to make a home after its completion. The windows will match (my contractor ordered the wrong color)--we will have to paint them. The vinyl on the side is admittedly hideous, the cure of which is being contemplated…If I offended anyone, I truly apologize. With all the new massive loft developments going up it didn't occur to me that my little two story home would upset people so much. No further comment from the angry Greenpoint dog crap blogger (we’re still awaiting the promised "Crap Map") that attacked the Sub-Zero Building in the first place.
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