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Ellipse Coming to Shake Up Boxy Newport

The fact that Jersey City has much of a waterfront skyline at all is due at least in part to the LeFrak family of developers, who built the cluster of buildings known as Newport (above) over the course of the past 20 years, and aren't planning on stopping any time soon. Another hotel and four more apartment towers, in addition to the 4,135 units already built, are on the drawing board, and at least one of them promises to be different from the "efficient, if unimaginative, boxy building" that's Newport's bread and butter as of now. It'll be called the Ellipse, it'll be designed by the Arquitectonica firm of Miami, and it'll be "sleek" and "elliptical" (who would've thought). Still, the renderings are proving "elusive" so far.
· LeFraks Envision Even Bigger Skyline Across Hudson [NYT]