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Random Reader Tidbit Roundup

1) Upper West Side: "Extell bought the building I rent in this year (on 107th St. near Columbus). I assume it’s only a matter of time before they kick us all out of this aging walk-up (most of us have rent-stabilized leases that are 'preferential') and build condos. But I’m curious: any other tips about this? Have they bought other buildings on the block?"
2) Midtown: "I am sure you guys know, but just in case you hadnt spotted it, I walked past a 3RD 7-11 in Manhattan located in the 'New 42nd Street' between 8th and 9th Aves across from the new high-rise mid-block development. And so they begin to spread...."
3) Flatiron: "Word on the street is a 40 story condo tower is going up at this location. Folks at 5 East 22nd and 21 East 22nd will lose some nice views."
4) Downtown: "Shvider-man (street setting up for filming spider-man 3 outside 20 Pine)." (above)