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Curbed PSA: Beware the Wall of Water, Maybe

It's the first day of hurricane season?the perfect opportunity to check which City of New York hurricane evacuation zone you're in, no? (Above; green = bad, orange = worst) Especially since they keep saying we're overdue for a hit, and USA Today dubs NYC one of the most vulnerable cities to a hurricane in a report today. Sample quote from the Office of Emergency Management's Jarrod Bernstein: "Take Rockaway peninsula. We go out there every year to talk about hurricanes, and they're like, 'No way we're leaving.' This year it's, 'You know what? If the man says it's time to go, we're going to go.'"

As if that weren't enough, there's also this fellow named Al Gore (heard of him?) going around talking about "inconvenient truths" or something, whose little presentation recently prompted an otherwise docile Curbed commenter to write: "Where's the part where the melted Greenland and Antarctic landmasses flood the downtown?" Should we have been actually watching all those made-for-TV disaster movies?
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