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Stealing Peter Cooper's Parking

The prankster extraordinaires over at ANIMAL magazine have written up an amusing and useful guide to scamming your way into the Peter Cooper Village and its luscious amenities if you're not a resident (choice quote: "Think high end Stuy Town"). Portrayed as a Manhattan oasis lurking on the East Side, PCV is a bearer of treasures to its inhabitants: trees, lawns, basketball, tennis?and best of all to the ANIMAL gang?free parking. After listing all the building addresses and apartment number combinations to help you get by security, they dish the dirt on nabbing a spot:

When you stop at the gate (right), tell the security a building and apartment number combination before they even ask you. This way its as if you know the routine. With that info, Peter Cooper Road transforms into a self service valet parking rapture. According to security you can only park for a half hour. When pressed what happens if you extend the thirty minutes, a very pleasantly reassuring security guard responded, “If you're extended time proceeds you get a ticket. If we still can't locate you we put an orange sticker on the car.” Which means no towing folks just a hard to remove orange sticker, so remember to pack a razor.Free parking and stickers for the kids? We're sold!
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