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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Lone Star State

Looks like it's going to take a little while to recover from that long holiday weekend. "Answers" to Tuesday's reader questions below. We blame ourselves. When you've recovered, email more questions, answers, or sweet digital photographs to A thousand thankyous.

1) Greenwich Village: The burned out space at 13th and 5th (right), where mysterious fires blazed in April, iguanas used to rule, and the Lone Star once booked David Crosby, continues to confound. No news on the new construction. More commentary here. [photo via Bosstweed/Flickr, via the Curbed photo pool.]
2) MePa: The answer to the question, 7 Ninth: Does anybody know what's going on with this building?, is No, nobody does. Answers accepted through Labor Day.
3) Hell's Kitchen: So will there be a Whole Foods on 42nd and Dyer 10th? The Whole Foods website isn't telling. Thankfully, a commenter emerged to clear everything up: "I live in Hells Kitchen in the 40s and heard several months ago that a Whole Foods was coming to 10th Avenue." There you have it.