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Red Hook: Looks Like We Made it

Red Hook has arrived! No, really. There it is, written out for you on the cover of Time Out New York in really big words. The really big words meant to convey the total absolute awesomeness of Red Hook! And in case you still don't get it, they drop the Hall of Fame-line right at the beginning of the story, leaving no doubt where this is headed: "Red Hook might be the new Williamsburg." Yes! Looks like the jig is up for the Upper East Side, South Bronx, Harlem and Long Island City. Sorry guys, but a nice effort nonetheless.

It's not too late to run away, but if you're feeling particularly brave, why not click through to experience "27 reasons to visit Red Hook" and some other Hookian content. Not online: the handy guide to getting to Red Hook, so looks like you'll all be in the dark about this so-called "G Train" unless you grab the print edition.
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