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CurbedWire: Cue the CurbedWire

If you're a reader of Eater, perhaps you've noticed the new feature EaterWire that appears daily on the blog. It's an end-of-day roundup of reader tips, staff reports, and general intelligence that don't quite merit their own post—but don't quite deserve to rot in the inbox, either. Today, we introduce CurbedWire in much the same spirit. Without further ado, let the Wire begin...

· Following up on last week's news that blasting for the Freedom Tower foundation was to begin today in The Pit, a reader passes along a memo from Trump's 40 Wall Street alerting residents thusly: "On Monday, June 12, construction crews at the World Trade Center site will conduct a test blasting sequence for the Freedom Tower footings. This is to test the use of explosive charges to clear bedrock for the Freedom Tower's foundation. If tests are successful, foundation blasting will continue, with the entire process lasting about two months. We will keep you posted." Anyone hear explosions of progress today? [CurbedWire Inbox]

· More from the WTC: A reader emails, "Any idea what has become of the granite sculpture by Masayuki Nagare that used to sit at the east side of WTC plaza between WTC 4/5?" It survived 9/11 (image, above) but its location is unknown—to us, anyway. Anyone got more? [CurbedWire Inbox]

· Is the East Village turning into America's hippest RV park? A tipster writes, "last week i saw four modular homes being hauled down 2nd Ave through the E. Vill. Where is the camera when you need it? Where in the HELL were they going?" Where the hell indeed. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· A quick update on this morning's item about Jade Jagger's condo project on West 19th. "Is this the long-awaited Shvo project?" we asked. "Yes," whispers an insider. "And the sales office is fucking gorgeous." Further, we hear word of a "chic breakfast" to kick off the project next Monday. Who's got our invite? [CurbedWire Staff]

As always, your tips are what keep Curbed supercharged. If you've got a random question, interesting factoid, or insider gossip, do drop it our way: Thanks.