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Up on 150th Street, It's a Playground Rooster

Our friends at Animal, who know our love of nature, whether it's a turkey in Battery Park or raccoons in Park Slope, made our day with an item about "a large crack head looking rooster" that has been in residence in Frederick Johnson Playground on 150th Street "dutifully pecking around and fending off attackers." Here's the description:

The theory is that it was a cockfighting bird, loosed upon the playground because, well, that was probably the most logical place for the previous owner to leave it: trees, children on swingsets, nodding off junkies--perfect place to leave a wild screeching rooster used to fighting for its life in an abandoned basement. One park official said the rooster grappled with a large dog last week and ominously stated that the bird "fears no man". The official also said that he's been feeding it food scraps, which is sweet and all, but with that potentially population-diminishing Avian flu pandemic you'd figure he would stop feeding it and, um, HAVE HAD IT FUCKING REMOVED BY NOW.

Us, we dig the rooster and commend it on surviving two weeks in the park. We ain't afraid of no bird flu.
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