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Curbed PriceChopper: Shorter Tent Poles at 1 Beacon Ct.

Was Asking: $31.25 million
Now Asking: $25 million
You Save! 20% (Woot!)

What a difference a pair of weeks make. End of May, we were eying record exec Alan Meltzer's full-floor penthouse at One Beacon Court (ant-farm-like floorplan above) and his audacious attempt to spin a $4 million flip. But all that happy talk about the $20mil+ market wasn't enough to prevent the ol' PriceChopper from rearing its ugly headphoned head at Meltzer's pad. Now, he's asking $2 million less than he paid for the place. Here's hoping for $25 million they'll still deign to recognize you downstairs at Le Cirque.
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