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'Palace Casino' Arrives in Lower Manhattan

Stealth advertecture targeting the pre-teen set? Legalized gambling coming to the city? Um, no and no, apparently. Photoblogger Will Femia deduces that the "Palace Casino" (words barely visible under the tarp above; name the corner if you can) is just a figment of your friendly neighborhood filmmaker's imagination. From the IMDB synopsis of the upcoming movie Enchanted, we get this girl-meets-boy follow-up: "The evil queen ... then uses her black magic to send the girl hurtling out of the animated world into the one place in the universe where there is no true love: modern day Manhattan." See, just what you've always suspected. Meanwhile, across town and after the jump, Spidey 3 and co. wrap Foley Square in their own web of cine-magic. Plus, video proof that life is better on the big screen.

Writes Will: "What's amazing ... is that they've strung a cable across the entire square. There was a camera contraption rigged to it, so I'm thinking we'll see someone swoop through this scene in the actual movie." Cue the swooping!

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