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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Marty's Mansion Up for Grabs

1) Holy crapballs. We're staring at pictures of Martin Scorsese's living room (above), and so far Joe Pesci has not kicked down our door and tried to stab us with a pen. The master has put his 19-foot-wide East 62nd Street townhouse up for sale because he wants to move more uptown. Four stories for $6.7 million, and it's coming off a fresh reduction. Nice. [Gimme Shelter/Braden Keil]
2) Throwing her hat into the ring of celebrity interior designers, Jade Jagger is set to launch, uh, Jade?a condo team-up between her and the Yoo group. Not much is known about the project (placeholder website here) other than the fact it will be "pod living," whatever that means. Is this the long-awaited Shvo project? [Page 6]
3) New York's S. Jhoanna already reported on this like four months ago, but it's WORLD CUP time so we forgive both William Neuman and ourselves for repeating it. Team USA captain Claudio Reyna bought a one-bedroom pied-á-terre in the Cipriani Club Residences. Now everybody watch today's game at noon to find out who he is. [Big Deal/William Neuman]
4) Spottings: Braden Keil, never afraid to go there, points out that Philip Seymour Hoffman was seen checking out a $4.8 million four-level house on Gay Street in the West Village. And Robert DeNiro was checking out this ridiculous 823 Park Ave. triplex with his wife, which carries a $49 million price tag. The triplex, not the wife. [Gimme Shelter/Keil] Could Billy Joel (Billy Joel!) be the person who finally buys that Brooklyn Heights townhouse that was listed at $20 million and is now available for $12.9? [Movers/S. Jhoanna Robledo]