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Crazy Neighbor Update: 'What is That Smell?'

If last week was Crazy Neighbor Week™ at Curbed, this week promises more of the same. A correspondent sends along the above image, writing, "So i was reading that thing on curbed about the Chelsea residents throwing shit out windows and that thing about diapers in Hudson Heights. You know, I'm having some problems with my own resident neighbors here." Uh, indeed. The full sordid tale—from the bowels of Chelsea, somewhere on West 18th Street—after the jump.

E-mails our correspondent:

So: there's always this really pungent awful smell in our front hallway, we all assume it's coming from some of the crazy tenants who have been here since the erection of the flatiron building, but lately it's gotten worse. there's a large mirror in our entryway that someone wrote in that white ink that washes off mirrors saying "What is that smell?" it stayed there for a few weeks and we all walked by it every day and no one responded, before it changed to "This place stinks!" then it changed to "Wherever that smell is coming from A-4 you should clean up after yourself." then they taped up a flyer from the department of sanitation and personal hygiene for the city.

anyway, everyday I come home and i feel like i'm in the middle of the big high school rivalry. It's starting to really stress me out. Not only does my hallway still smell horrendous but apparently my neighbors are all crazy, dirty, babies. Today I came home and found this note attached to the mirror (top). I'm a little afraid for my life even though I live two floors above the stationed battle.

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