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Opportunity For "Artists" In Greenpoint

A little bird gave us a tip about the Greenpoint Lofts. Located at Norman Ave. and Russell St., the 5-story development is a conversion of a former warehouse into 66 artists lofts. Of course there are all the usual goodies like high ceilings, great views, hard wood floors, terraces, fitness center, yada yada yada. And, with prices starting around $300k it sounds like a great deal. Well here's the rub; these are actually commercial condos:

If people don't mind trying to live in what is technically commercial zoning (but just across the street from residential zoning and may itself get rezoned as residential), they can probably get an amazing deal on these commercial condos which will all be built to residential code. If you're willing to take on a little risk, or if you happen to know someone on the zoning board, this has the potential to be a homerun. In the meantime, get out your finger paint and your play-dough and start making some art.
· Greenpoint Lofts [Greenpoint Lofts]