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CurbedWire: Western Beef Heading North

Welcome to Day Two of CurbedWire, our brand spankin' new end-of-day gossip, rumor, and reader report roundup. Okay, enough bullshit. Let's eat when served.

· Meatpacking nostalgia sets in as the departure of Western Beef from West 14th Street now has a new address affixed. Reports a tipster, "the 14th street store has a big banner on it saying: Moving Late Summer to 431 West 16th Street." No photo confirmation as yet. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· Hey, it's election time down at the Seward Park Co-Ops on the Lower East Side. There are five seats available and, as usual, the buzz is that things are getting testy (uh, you think?). For double the fun, surf the always insane Co-Op Village message board for threads like SLEAZY BOARD CAMPAIGN. [CurbedWire Staff]

· Following yesterday's CurbedWire report that blasting has begun at the WTC site, a reader emails, "I work on Park Place a half block away from the WTC pit and wanted to report that I heard no blasting yesterday and haven’t heard any today. Will keep you posted." Indeed—seems the blasts are being kept quiet. Cool. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· From the Voice of Listing God: Craig Newmark reports that he will begin "charging apartment brokers in NYC soon". He supposes that "posting volume will drop a lot, maybe 90%, since they'll be much need to post and repost the same ads"; though his post doesn't say it, we're assuming Craig's just talking about rental brokers again. This may make it that much easier to find one of those great 1BRs for under $1,100—if, of course, Craig actually goes through with the charging brokers thing this time. [CraigBlog]