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Riled Up in Prospect Heights About Tight Pants

When we checked on the Daily Heights, to see if there was any hidden Atlantic Yards news we didn't find any new Ratner items, but did come upon a series of heated rants about tight pants. (Warning: Do not read while drinking a liquid.)

For most of you, it looks like you've got a turd in the back of your pants, hovering over two poultry getaway sticks. Seriously. This is one of the worst retro trends in years. At least back in the '80s they were made to fit around a woman's bottom. Granted, sometimes women (and men) had to squat over a steaming pot of water to get them on, and use pliers on the zippers, but still. And you guys who think you look good in those nut-cutters... I'm speechless.

All this time, we thought Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry were the hot topics in Prospect Heights. Our bad.
· Chill with the Tight, Tapered Pants [Daily Heights]