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Red Hook Record: Justify Your Love

The Post has a follow-up story on that record-breaking Red Hook sale?the two-family home that sold for $1.065 million?and as you probably guessed by now, it was the quest for cool and square-footage that led the 30-something East Village couple to the three-level brick house "landlocked between a busy commercial street and a public housing complex." Cue the husband: "We love the East Village, but we wanted extra space, and Red Hook reminded us of how the East Village was 15 years ago: Young people coming in doing interesting things and putting their own stamp on it."

OK, not bad, you hit the East Village, but what about the mandatory Soho, Meatpacking District and Williamsburg mentions? Luckily, Fillmore broker Marsha Yarde is there to pick up the slack: "Red Hook is the new 'it' community - it's like SoHo 30 years ago and the Meatpacking District 10 years ago." Well, like Meat Loaf always said: two out of three ain't bad.
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