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Storefronting: Banks, Brooklyn & Beer

1) Harlem: According to blogger Joe Schumacher, 117th and Malcolm X is the banking capital of Harlem: "The Carver Bank has been there about four years but the Wachovia and Bank of America branches on the west side of Malcolm X look like they will be opening very soon. One of those buildings above is also home to the good people, and animal(s), of Harlem Fur. The fourth corner is a schoolyard." [WATPA?]
2) Williamsburg: It's always nice/risky when businesses move out of the mini-mall/Realform Girdle Building, amd here's another one: "Bedford Cheese Shop, which is located in the Mini-Mall, is moving at the end of the summer into the old pharmacy on the corner of Bedford and N4th st. the site had been previously been a used bookstore called Clovis." [Storefronting Inbox]
3) Bed-Stuy: Shuttering of the E&V Department Store reveals the secret retail history of 1242 Fulton Street, including a F.W. Woolworth Company location and "some decent storefront design." [Bed-Stuy Gateway]
4) Soho: Beers bake in the sun at Crumpler Bags' "beer for bags" promotion on Spring Street. [Foodite]