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CurbedWire: Lower East Side Going Greenmarket

If three's a charm, then day three of CurbedWire looks especially charming. Got a random rumor, observation, or question that defies other categorization on Curbed? Drop it our way. The Wire will be watching.

· Finally, a development that deserves its marketed address. A tipster reports: "they've just started construction on the latest greatest condo building that's next to the Highline (23rd between 10th & 11th). Unlike the soon-to-be-completed Highline 519 building (next door), this one is ACTUALLY on the Highline (photo, right)." Anyone know the name of this joint? Hopefully the sales office will be open in time for bonus season. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· HIGH LINE DEVELOPMENT BONUS: Lois Weiss reports (second item), "Philadelphia-based developer David Grasso just closed on 245 Tenth Ave., an L-shaped parcel off the corner of 24th St. for $15.37 million from Alf Naman. Grasso will develop a small, 20-condo building." [NYPost]

· Organic hipsters rejoice! Beginning July 9, the Lower East Side is getting its own Greenmarket. The Sundays-only affair promises many of the amenities of the Union Square Greenmarket, but will be played out by November when it is scheduled to close for winter. Location: Orchard Street between Delancey and Broome. [Lower East Side BID]

· A CurbedWire followup to Monday's Wire: a loyal reader tells us, "the Nagare WTC sculpture, in spite of surviving the collapses and fires intact, was completely destroyed on or about the 18th of September to make way for heavy equipment. Unfortunately, the only piece of plaza art to completely survive 9/11 was also the only one completely lost." [CurbedWire Inbox]