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Downtown Eviction War

A reader brought our attention to the artists on Dutch Street threatened with eviction from their rent-controlled apartments because the landlord wants to demolish their building. The reader, though, didn't feel their pain.

I hate to feel sympathetic for corporations, but these artists are living in multimillion-dollar lofts for $850 a month (meanwhile, my co-op maintenance--not counting my mortgage, for what is surely a much smaller apartment nearby is nearly double that) and pooh-poohing buyout offers for well into six figures. It's enough to make me turn into a Milton Friedman...The article asks "where would we go?"...Grand Forks, North Dakota is a fine and reasonably-priced place to live for the self-employed.We hear the South Bronx has great space for artists, but in any case, the elderly tenants are appealing the evictions.
· Tenants: "Phony Demolition" Behind Eviction [Tribeca Trib] BONUS: Speaking of rent control, the annual theater of the Rent Guidelines Board meetings continues. OnNYturf writes of upcoming meetings, "This is your chance to tell RGB Chair Marvin Markus just how fat and ugly he is...Things are so nasty at RGB that Yo Momma contestants are known to fly all the way from LA to get material from these hearings."