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One Day in New York City

Anytime the genius staff of The Morning News spends an entire day chronicling moments in their lives in New York City, we'll be reading. The diary entries are broken down by neighborhood, offering glimpses like this:

11 a.m.—West Village

I’m early for a noon doctor’s appointment. Everyone is silently reading AARP magazines, except for the receptionist, who is singing along with KC and the Sunshine Band. The song ends, and now she’s performing a duet with Bonnie Raitt. I mutter a string of expletives only to look up and find someone frowning at me—Jesus, a colossal statue of him. Time drags on. Finally, in a moment of clarity, I realize that I shouldn’t even be here. My appointment is actually scheduled for next Thursday.—Patrick Ambrose· One Day in New York City [The Morning News, graphic by Danny Gregory]