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Harlem Motocross Season Revs Up

Who needs a racetrack on Staten Island, when uptowners like blogger Harlem Fur already have their very own Nascar condos? Er, motocross condos:

Just as in previous years, the 2006 Motocross substitutes for a fixed track a fluid central Harlem course largely determined by where police cars are not currently pursuing participants and the availability of chicks on the street to watch them ride wheelies. ... In all seriousness, this totally baffles me. Where do Manhattan teenagers get an ATV, let alone store one? ... It's not like these kids are hiding a pack of cigarettes and some dirty magazines under the bed. These are multi-cylinder gas powered vehicles.Click through for a theory on why they never need to store them.
· Harlem Motocross 2006 Season Under Way [Harlem Fur]