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More from the 1HP Party: Pieces of the Bank Vault

Move over, Shvookies. Among the favors at last night's One Hanson Place party in Brooklyn were free safe-deposit box doors (above), according to Fort Greene blogger Set Speed. His take:

A typically monstrous affair ... an appearance by Magic Johnson ... but no live music. I think the crowd was filled with workers from the development, real estate and legal teams. The booklets for the apartments were on the check-in desk?they were easy to miss. No one offered them.Hey, if a guy who's got the "" domain, shunting the official site over to "," can't spout about the party, then who can?
· Opening night at One Hanson Place Condos [Set Speed]
· Protestors Try to Crash 1HP Party [Curbed] BONUS: Corcoran's got some listings. Near the low end: Two-room, 489sqft studio for $360,434. Toward the high end: 1,475sqft, 2.5 bedroom with 2 baths for $1.174 million.