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Protestors Try to Crash 1HP Party

Yesterday we received (as we suspect the entire city did) an advisory email about the activist group ACORN's plans to picket the One Hanson Place launch party. (By the way, any mention of ACORN brings about the perfect reason to recall this fine moment.) Their gripe is with the absence of affordable housing in the ol' Williamsburgh Savings Bank, and while brokers sipped cocktails and Magic Johnson confused Brooklyn with New Jersey, the Observer's Michael Calderone reports that some protestors gathered to chant slogans such as "Sweetheart deals stink!" "Housing for the Needy, Not for the Greedy!" And: "Come Down, Magic! Come Down Now!" (Uh...he didn't). Hey, what's a party without a few sour apples, right? There are 132 units on sale now, so act fast!
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