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Storefronting: Windows Come Alive

1) Midtown East: "Don't know if you've noticed, but the storefront on the southeast corner of 49th and Madison, where an old, stuffy, smelly, over-priced pharmacy used to be, is now a home to like 14 or so cats." Blame Meow Mix. RELATED: There are web-cams! [Evil Discussor]
2) Midtown East: In similar fashion, some bank has people dressed as beauty pageant contestants and sports fans and other things, acting up and waving to passersby at 39th and Madison. We forget the significance, other than the realization of the participants that their Tisch tuition was clearly well spent. [Storefronting staff]
3) Cobble Hill: Another outpost of Park Slope fashion destination Bird has opened on Smith Street in Cobble Hill: "owner (and former barney's buyer) jennifer mankins launched her new digs smack dab in the middle of brownstone central, and outfitted the shop with rustic woods and retro-wallpaper." [Juli B]
4) Upper East Side: "Lately the Copycats copy shop on the east side of 85th and Second has been displaying a sign saying that they were closing because the building was coming down. At a recent community group meeting I asked if anyone knew what was going on there. One answer was that a developer had bought the building and was trying to buy the neighboring buildings, but had been rebuffed on the south by the owners of Panorama Cafe on the corner (an old bank building). To the north, Schaller and Weber and the Heidelberg restaurant (among the last commercial remnants of old Yorkville) have also declined, as they own their buildings and won't need to sell because the 2nd Avenue subway entrance will now be across the street - apparently the geology under Schaller and Weber and the diner on the corner of 86th isn't right for what the subway planners wanted. Given that the east sides of 86th/85th and Lex and 86th/85th and Third are coming down, does anyone know if the east side of 86th/85th and Second is likely to follow?" [Storefronting Inbox]