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Where the Rich, Single Guys are in New York City

We know Property Shark gives you the lowdown on New York City lot-by-lot and helps you find out if the condo you're looking at is next to a Superfund site or going to become waterfront property when it rains. Well, now, it's also good for locating single guys by income level. The Single Men Map, brought to our attention by Jossip, is a mash-up of the genius of Property Shark and publicist Kelly Kreth. The men are ranked by income: $60K-$80K, $80K-$100K and over $100K. (Sorry guys making under $60K, doesn't look like you rank.) We haven't studied the trends yet, but you'll definitely find an abundance of the single, rich guys you crave on the Upper West and East Sides. Given the possibility for further refinement, we know there will be even more mash-ups. Happy pointing and clicking, boys and girls.
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