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Brooklyn Vacation Rental Market is Smoking

We've already reported on the Brighton Beach vacation rental boom and illegal hotels, but it turns out we missed the big picture: All of Brooklyn is on fire as a budget vacation alternative to Manhattan hotels. The Daily News says the Brooklyn lodging boom is being fueled by lower prices, a laidback vibe and apartment rentals by owners (ARBOWs?) on craigslist, cyberrentals and other sites. A check of Brooklyn vacation rentals on CL reveals 58 current listings from Williamsburg and Park Slope to Carroll Gardens and Prospect Heights. As for hotels, let's not forget our personal favorite, open for business as of July 15, the Gowanus Holiday Inn Express.
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Brooklyn Vacation Bonus: Check out "2br - OCEANFRONT TERRACE - HAMPTONS STYLE VACATION @BROOKLYN PRICE" on craigslist. A mere $2,200 for a month of summer fun. Look out Southampton.