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More Fun with Floor Plans and Math

Leave it to a tip with the subject line, "Dishonest Listing--Square Footage" to catch our attention. The reader pointed us to the floor plan above, which is part of a listing for a 1,000 square foot apartment on West 70th Street selling for $979,000. We'll spare you the tipster's geometry, but suffice it to say that the dimensions shown add up to 770 square feet, perhaps, 800 with the foyer thrown in. So, would a 25% overstatement be (a) generous rounding, (b) a math boo-boo or typo, (c) strong faith that no one will recalculate or (d) an invisible alcove? This much we know: At 1,000 square feet, the price is $979 per square foot. At 800, it would be $1,223/sqft.
· Listing: 18 W. 70th St. #3D, The Best in the West! [Coldwell Banker]