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CurbedWire: Chelsea Kegger, Greenpoint Patsy, &c.

Day four of CurbedWire, which is no longer in need of lengthy introduction.

· So, that whole $10 for rental listings thing on Craigslist? As of today, after months of debate, genuflection, and personal soul-searching, it's on. And Craigslist message board hilarity ensues. [Craigslist via Dealbreaker]

· Dream of owning your own city apartment but don't make enough bank? This won't change your status, but Rob Gross and friends at Elliman invite you to a "KEGGER AND BBQ OPEN HOUSE" where you can "drink beer, eat burgers, dogs and shrimp Kabobs and chill in the huge garden of this fabulous brownstone duplex" in Chelsea. The party was... oh shit, during lunch break today. Sorry about that. Asking on the place (right) is $2.495m. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· Another twist in the 10-alarm Greenpoint fire saga. Seems the patsy, err, charged suspect, may have been working upstate at the time of fire. His boss at the camp, Zbigniew Sarna, described the suspect as "a worker who did not seem interested in payment" while his "friends and brother described him as a chronic alcoholic who sold scrap metal to pay for vodka." With friends like that, Riker's may not be such a bad option. [NYTimes]

· A second little bird sent us this follow up on the new lofts on Norman Street. "To those who are thinking of buying these spaces and assuming that will be rezoned in a year or two -- BUYER BEWARE! The buyers of these spaces, if they choose to live in them, are facing several thousand dollar fines every 90 days from the city. This place was just designated as an Industrial Business Zone, which is a super-M-zone. It will not get rezoned for residential, nor is it likely to recieve a variance. Multiple city agencies are paying extremely close attention to this building." [CurbedWire Inbox]