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Storefronting: Natural Heights, Ho Yip, Caravan

Storefronting's got its eye on the ever-evolving NYC retail scene, emphasis on the view from the curb, of course. Your tips and digi pix are appreciated at our always-open tipline.

1) Propsect Heights: A natural home-goods store called Natural Heights is set to open at 688 Washington Ave., near St. Marks. Among the tree-hugging natural-high brands that will be on offer: World's Best Cat Litter, Ecco Bella, and Earth Mama Angel Baby. [Daily Heights via Set Speed]
2) Financial District: Photoblogger Will Femia posts the photo you see at right, from the former site of seafood outlet Coast: "And so we find out what will fill the vacated space in the small elite stretch of Liberty Street facing Ground Zero. Well...'elite' may be a stretch." Sign says: "Ho Yip Chinese Fast Food" Yip! [A Test of Will]
3) Financial District:
Meanwhile, just down Liberty Street, in not-retail-but-still-storefront news, it appears the "spring 2006" opening of the 9/11 Tribute Center has quietly become "summer 2006," as June ticks away. Note how enticing the place looks currently in this Flickr photo. [Storefronting staff]
4) Central Village: Caravan, that retail outlet that's been trying to sell you clothes out of a conversion van for some time now ("Haute Wheels"), has decided to set down stakes to attract the demographic turned off by the whole transient, sleeping-on-the-couch vibe. The Shophound visits, at 2 Great Jones Street, just east of Broadway: "It's a beautiful, soaring space, and they make the most of it by creating a comfortable living room style space, so comfortable, in fact, that the staff can't seem to get up from the couch." [Shophound]