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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Doing The Charleston

Behold, reader answers to Tuesday's reader questions. God bless you, readers, every one of you. Answers, more questions, and make-you-want-to-cry digital photography to in the comments below.

1) Williamsburg: The Real Janelle was recently on the scene at 258-264 North 10th / 543 Union Street. She files this report: "walked by this block on sunday. zoning has recently been changed (from what, i'm not sure) - looks like the lots are split between M1-2/R6A and M1-2/R6B (6- and 4-story quality housing designation). the block is also part of a special use district. no new permits have yet been filed, far as i can tell."
2) Murray Hill: Regarding 34th between 2nd and 3rd, looks like 21 stories of glistening condo. The 172-unit structure, to be known as "The Charleston" (above) is designed to redress the "lack of new luxury condominiums in Murray Hill," according to developer LCOR. Finally! A commenter notes, "I have heard pricing in the 1300 to 1500/sf ranges. Crazy I know but supposdly cost is 1100/sf with what they paid for property. Who is going to pay that is another question indeed."
3) Upper East Side: Sadly, we have no news to share on the new dev at 2nd and 74th, nor on the "something" that is coming up the street at 79th. Similarly, no answers to the probing, and likely unanswerable question, "How can soooo many apartments sell within a few blocks of each other?"