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Curbed Field Trip: Sixth Ave. Marriott (Really!)

Frequent visitors to the Button District?the blocks just south of Bryant Park on Sixth Avenue?will be well familiar with the Residence Inn by Marriott that opened for business a couple months back on 39th Street. Most people, well, don't like it. But even if you think it looks like a "436-ft zit," you have to give it props for this: the semi-hidden, semi-unknown, totally awesome third-floor bar. Comfy seating, LCD TVs, free billiards (picture after the jump), spicy trail mix and big windows looking out on the fabulous Avenue of the Americas. What more could you ask for? Oh, how about a perfect view of a tag across the street that reads "Ass Panther"?

Ladies and gentlemen: our new Midtown oasis.

· Residence Inn New York []