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CurbedWire: Odd Views, New Expansions and Celeb Hotels

CurbedWire—our new end-of-day rumor and reader report roundup—survives week one. Got intel we should be dishing out next week? The Wire is always open.

· A Curbed tipster points out an ad from New York's current issue featuring "a supposed north facing view of the river and the George Washington Bridge (right). Being a resident of Morningside Heights I can attest that this is NOT what the view actually is. Not only does the ad show a mysterious 'cove' on the right (by the treatment plant) where the river opens up, it also shows land directly visible past the bridge. If you were in fact looking north, you would only see the continuation of the Hudson, or possibly just a sliver of the land from the nj side. Perhaps they used some sort of special fisheye camera or something?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

· With the beginning of summer just days away, a punctual reader asks "Wasn't the Hotel on Bowery supposed to open this summer? Have you heard an update as to the status of the recent SBA hearings?" We haven't, though it must be said that the formerly green-clad building is looking rather spiffy these days. If not summer, we're feeling fall. Of 2008. [CurbedWire]

· Apropos of nothing, a tipster inquires, "Any word on what that day glow bus was parked outside of vento yesterday. Lindsay Lohan was there and then traipsed across the street to soho house. Saw it with my own eyes. I think it might have been a promo for the gap?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

· "It looks like they broke ground on 80 Riverside Blvd in the Upper West Side (Extell development) today." Good to know. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· And last but certainly not least, a rare CurbedStorefrontingWire: "Kate's Paperie is not shuttering its Broadway store. Rather, Kate's HAS just opened a 2nd nearby store on Spring near Crosby where home products (furniture, bedding , pillows, etc.) will be sold." And with that, we are outta here. [CurbedWire Inbox]