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Light Weekend Reading: Furman Center Housing Report

We have no idea why they'd choose to unload this massive chunk of NYC housing analysis (3.6 MB PDF here) on a Friday in summer, but there it is for you to devour or ignore. The headline finding, according to the Times:

The number of apartments affordable to households earning about $32,000 a year, or 80% of the median household income in the city, has dropped by 205,000 in just three years. ... Whether the rising housing costs are seen as a sign of the city's economic vitality or a harbinger of trouble depends on who is talking.A little koan for you to ponder this weekend. And by all means, if you tease out any other great data-bites, toss 'em below. The 121-page report (right) is by NYU's Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, which manages that exhaustive city planning portal PlanNYC, great for tracking all your pet protest targets.
· Housing Tighter for New Yorkers of Moderate Pay [NYT]
· State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods 2005 [NYU Furman]