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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Downtown Eviction War (138 comments)
"Has our society gotten so crappy as to feel no sympathy for these people? They were lucky enough to live here and get their places when they did, God bless 'em for their excellent timing and God help 'em in their battle to stay in their apartments."
2) Opportunity for 'Artists' in Greenpoint (42 comments)
"I hope the offering plan makes it clear that these are commercial artist studios with no living or sleeping permitted. The Building Dept doesn't allow kitchens or bathtubs/showers in Manufacturing districts. My guess is that someone is going to get burned here."
3) Storefronting: Banks, Brooklyn & Beer (22 comments)
"i just bought in harlem and my reasoning had nothing to do with getting rich quick. had more to do with wanting to buy and only being able to afford a 400sf studio in lower manhattan."
4) More Fun with Floor Plans and Math (21 comments)
"Bottom line: NEVER believe the stated/printed measurements and bring your own measuring tape plus paper & pen to any apt. you are looking at. It's your money, so do the math and don't let broker-speak intimidate you."