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Eater Tastings: Drink 'til You Drop

Inside Le Cirque, cheap-looking chair trendsetter. [Photo by Kalina]

More of this week's good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) E.U., where the beer and wine flows like a tightly dammed river, has about a 50% chance of getting its spirit on. If it doesn't work out, "a high-profile suitor looking to take the venue off his hands to open a family-oriented hamburger joint-type restaurant."
2) LES newcomer Bondi Road Fish and Chips is offering "a week of free partying."
3) The hottest EaterWire ever? From the re-opening of the Bulgarian Bar: "We were drunk, smoking dope inside, it was great. Asses in our faces, boobs." Also, brace yourself for S'mac, the new mac 'n cheese joint on 12th between 1st and 2nd and new prices at Shake Shack (?).

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