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The Morning After: Craigslist Insanity Continues Apace

[Photoart by JustiNYC via the Curbed Photo Pool]

It's the day after Craigslist finally instituted its $10 charge per rental listing on Craigslist NYC. What's the broker buzz on the Craigboards? Let's listen in:

· "Ohh how I waited for this day! If you look at what happened today, you will see a 99% drop in postings, in the fee, no fee arena! Who wins, the big guy, who loses the little guy! Who else wins, the public! Service will no go up, better independant brokers will join real firms, fee's will go up, less undercutting, Bait and switch chop shops, (you know who you are)will be a thing of the past!!!!"
· "oh my what an imporvement indeed , there seems to be now ONLY one brokerage in manhattan and its ARDOR"
· "Before charging Craigslist was getting 100 ads every 4 mins., today the average was every 100 mins. A 96% drop in postings. Take out the countless AIV scam ads and brokers in the owner cat and it was even less. was averaging 100 ads every 20-30 mins. This is a stunning shift in one day."

In sum: business as usual.
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