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Holy Brooklyn Hotel Rooms! New G-Slope Boutique Hotel

Yesterday's item about the booming Brooklyn "hotel alternative" market brought an email from a tipster who filled us in as to the nature of a building project on Fourth Avenue in Gowanus. Holy Hotel Rooms! Turns out that 370 Fourth Avenue is going to be another G-Slope hotel, quite different in nature than the Holiday Inn Express on Union Street: An 8-floor, 48-room "extended stay," boutique hotel. The new hotel is on the west side of the wide avenue near Fifth Street. Look for the Pep Boys and the big, bright yellow taxi depot and you're there. It may not look like much now, but it will be across the street from Leviev Boymelgreen's Park Slope Tower. A bar/restaurant is planned for the eighth floor. The site is owned by T&L Investors Corp. All this, plus The Smith Hotel at Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue.
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