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Long Island City Rising Update: New Site, Many Drawings

A cool view of the New Look Long Island City (aka Queens West) has hit the web in the form of the East Coast Long Island City website, which is what Rockrose Development is calling the high rise city going up on the East River in Queens. The site includes an intricate flash animation with Coldplay-sounding music that makes you wonder if Chris Martin will be pictured happily diving off one of those balconies with magnificent East Side views. Rentals in the new 32-story tower at 4720 Center Boulevard start at $1,615 a month for a studio and run up to $5,730 for a penthouse. The site also includes an "interactive timeline" for your inner builder of construction through 2010. Move the slider to see Queens West as each of six more buildings goes up. Hard to navigate, but fun pointing and clicking if you're stuck inside on a nice Friday afternoon. A couple more photos after the jump.

This is the luxe rental building currently under construction that will be ready for residents next year. (They build them fast in Queens West.) This building will include a garage for 900 cars, but, until it opens, it will be dog-eat-dog parking in formerly deserted LIC.

This is the new 20-story condo with 279 apartments that will break ground this December. Occupancy is scheduled for 2008. When all's said and done, there will be 3,000 apartments and 120,000 square feet of retail on 22 acres.
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